Team RevvoX is wishing you a very Happy Easter

Team RevvoX, in person [Bee], [g3gg0], [Gambrius] and [Moritz] wish you and your families especially in these days very Happy Easter. Hopefully we could spread a bit of pre easter joy with our presents in form of Teddy and all the other information around tinkering with the Toniebox. Hoping that we could help to let the time during quarantine fly by a bit faster.


Teaser Video – using 3rd party NFC tag with custom content by [Team RevvoX]

[Team RevvoX] released another Video showing their upcoming Toniebox Tool. This time they are not just decoding and encoding their own custom audio files, but in addition they show how to get the files onto the SD-Card AND use a 3rd party NFC tag to play their own custom audio content. All this is done on a Toniebox without any firmware modification.

Toniebox hack: encode own audio, write to SD-Card and play with 3rd party NFC tag

All Tonies Overview

show allot of Tonie figurines

+++ UPDATED 20th of Feb. 2020 +++
[Total of 276 Tonies]

I was looking for a complete overview of all Tonies that where released. Beside of the Tonie Poster of Boxine (which is incomplete), I was not able to find a table like structure to work with. That’s why I made the decision to gather the information by myself.
Boxine announced the newes Tonies for the 4th of March 2020.


Inside Tonie figurine

The Tonie figurines are used to control the Toniebox. By placing a Tonie figurine on top of the Toniebox, the Box will read the rfid chip within the figurine and start playing the corresponding story.

This article will go into the depth of the rfid chip within the Tonie figurine.


Toniebox Firmware Dump

The Microcontroller within the Toniebox is a Ti CC3200 (ARM Cortex-M4). Fortunately there are some development Tools available to get further Access which gives us the possibility to dump the Firmware and get access to the files stored within the internal FileSystem.