Lufthansa Creative Tonie – exclusive?

UPDATE —- Now Available at Lufthansa World Shop —- UPDATE

Today I received the information about a new Lufthansa themed Creative-Tonie that is not released yet.

In the picture above you can see the Tonie Figurine in a Lufthansa colored dress. Even the new Lufthansa Logo is printed on the little head cap Tonie is wearing.

The question is, where this figurine will be sold. It could be an Lufthansa WorldShop exclusive, that is only available during Lufthansa flights in their on board shops.

In this case it would be the second exclusive Tonie after Nola Note, that is only available at Jako-O retail locations

Nola Note – an exclusive Tonie only available at Jako-O retail locations

Another possibility is that it will be available over the regular distribution ways like all Tonies are. Like the Borussia Dortmund Tonie was limited for a certain time just to the Fan Shop of the BVB and was later released to all Tonie retailers. This would give us some hope to get our hands on the sweet Lufthansa Tonie figurine on a later time.

Kreativ-Tonie – Borussia Dortmund

And the last option could be that this Tonie is just for internal usage. The Lufthansa could hand these out to Members of the flight crew to give them the latest company updates and information, or they could receive training lessons that are available to listen on the Toniebox. This would be the saddest case, because than it would be really hard to get our hands on.

But I guess we have to wait to get an answer. If anyone of you know more about the Lufthansa Tonie or have some other information that would be worth to share, just let me know in the comments.

UPDATE – 22.06.2020:
Boxine approved that this was a special order done by Lufthansa (like it used to be with the BVB crative Tonie). They did not mention wether it will be available to the public later on or if this will remain Lufthansa exclusive (or even internal).

UPDATE – 28.08.2020:
Almost 3 month after I released the news about this Lufthansa Creative Tonie, Lufthansa started selling it within their own „World Shop“.

You can find it here.

For 12,67€ you can get this exclusive little Toniefigurine, which out of my point of view is one of the sweetest Creative Tonies of all.

Lets see, if Boxine will go the same way they did with the BVB Creative Tonie. This was at first only available within the BVB Fanshop as well.

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