Toniebox Firmware Dump

The Microcontroller within the Toniebox is a Ti CC3200 (ARM Cortex-M4). Fortunately there are some development Tools available to get further Access which gives us the possibility to dump the Firmware and get access to the files stored within the internal FileSystem.


All Tonies Overview

show allot of Tonie figurines

I was looking for a complete overview of all Tonies that where released. Beside of the Tonie Poster of Boxine (which is incomplete), I was not able to find a table like structure to work with. Thats why I made the decision to gather the information by myself.
Boxine released the last Tonies in November 2019.

Hardware Hacks

Toniebox Universe

While my kids are totally keen on their Tonieboxes and their little figurines they can place on top of it, I took the challenge to take a look behind the Curtin of these audio players.