US Start Of Toniebox With Limited Edition Tonie

With the US start of the Toniebox in these days, Boxine is selling a new special edition.

Boxine started the pre order of the Toniebox on the US market. The orders will be send out by 23rd of September.

With the start into the US market they are releasing a limited editon called “purple people”.

free download content for the creative tonie: “The World Needs More Purple People”

The Starter set includes a limited edition Creative-Tonie with free digital download of “The World Needs More Purple People”. In addition you get one free content Tonie of your choice.

Like at the german introduction of the Toniebox back in September 2016 when Boxine send out the yellow Tonie with an “e” printed the chest of the Tonie, the limited edition is containing a purple creative Tonie with a “P” printed on it.

Purple creative Tonie with the letter P on his chest.

For the US introduction Boxine starts with a collection of twelve content Tonies and three creative Tonies

List of content Tonies

  • Bedtime Songs & Lullabies
  • Birthday Songs
  • Disney & Pixar Finding Nemo
  • Disney & Pixar Toy Story
  • Disney Cinderella
  • Disney The Jungle Book
  • Disney The Lion King
  • Disney The Little Mermaid
  • Pinocchio and Other Classic Stories
  • Playtime Songs
  • Rapunzel and other Fairy Tales
  • Stick Man

List of creative Tonies

  • Fairy
  • Pirate
  • Vampire

Like the other starter kits you can pick the skin colour of this limited edition Tonie as well.

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