Toniebox Universe

While my kids are totally keen on their Tonieboxes and their little figurines they can place on top of it, I took the challenge to take a look behind the Curtin of these audio players.

In the following articles I will talk in detail about what I was able to find out and will talk about all aspects of the Tonie universe.

This page presents an overview of all articles that are already releasee and articles that will come. This site will be updated on a regular base.

What to expect:

  • What is a Toniebox and how to use it
    • Toniebox
    • Tonies
      • Storybook Tonies
      • Creative Tonies
  • Complete overview of ALL released Tonie figurines
  • Inside Tonie figurine
    • RFID chip analyse within the Tonie figurine
    • How to communicate with the RFID chip
      • private ISO15693 commands
      • RFID Reader hardware recommendation
    • Structure and content of the Tonie RFID chips
  • How to emulate a Tonie
    • ChameleonMini
    • Proxmark3
  • Teardown Toniebox
    • What is inside the Toniebox
    • Hardware modification for future analyses
  • Analysis of SD-Card Content
    • File Structure
    • Header analysis
    • Audio file structure
  • Toniebox Firmware Dump
  • Analysis of Toniebox Firmware and File-System
  • Custom Firmware for Toniebox
    • What is possible
    • Status as of now…

Usefull Links

These links will be integrated in upcoming articles. Until then I will list these here separate to have a start into each subject.

Toniebox Wiki – link

Toniebox Reverse Engineering – Git Hub Page – link

iFixIt – Toniebox Teardown – link

iFixit Forum – NFC Chip kaufen – link

iFixit Forum – Inhalt der Speicherkarte extern sichern – link

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