Teddy – Tonie Encoder Decoder for DIYs

Some days ago I released a teaser video to show some functions of our audio tool for the toniebox. Today we will release “Teddy” to the public.

Teddy the Tonie Encoder Decoder for DIYs

(c)2020 Team RevvoX

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Teaser Video – using 3rd party NFC tag with custom content by [Team RevvoX]

[Team RevvoX] released another Video showing their upcoming Toniebox Tool. This time they are not just decoding and encoding their own custom audio files, but in addition they show how to get the files onto the SD-Card AND use a 3rd party NFC tag to play their own custom audio content. All this is done on a Toniebox without any firmware modification.

Toniebox hack: encode own audio, write to SD-Card and play with 3rd party NFC tag